Homemade Choco Taco Tutorial | Ashlee Marie

everyone love a choco taco and it is easy to create and make your own in any flavor with this homemade chocolate waffle cone recipe and video tutorial


These homemade choco tacos are a great treat, and can be personalized with any ice cream flavor. Fun to make and delicious the perfect Taco Tuesday treat!

Why make homemade choco tacos?

For fun! As you know I love making homemade versions of fun treats.  I make homemade peeps, and homemade hostess sno balls! I make homemade eggnog and butterbeer… all things you can get someplace else but fun to make at home.  

At home you can personalize it by using your favorite ice creams! Any brand, any flavor or of course any homemade Ice creams! I’ve used my Toasted Marshmallow ice cream and my Strawberry Ice cream (with the traditional waffle cone instead of chocolate) and my Peanut Butter Ice cream and loved each one! 

You can change up the shell flavoring as well! And of course the topping/coating too! No reason it has to be a chocolate taco (other than the name) or chopped peanuts!

Just take me to the ice cream tacos already!

If you’d rather skip my tips and tricks for homemade choco tacos, along with links to other ice cream recipes and get straight to this delicious choco taco – simply scroll to the bottom of the page where you can find the printable recipe card.

homemade choco tacos are a perfect summer treat, easy to make in any flavor and delicious

Tips to Make the Perfect choco taco

There are two ways you can make these choco tacos

– the first time I made them I sliced through the ice cream container and cut slivers of the half circle ice cream and refroze.  Then once the waffle cone was cooked I quickly wrapped it around the ice cream half moons. I will say I was able to get a narrower choco taco this way, but it added additional freezing times. and was quite messy

– The second way was to make and shape the taco shells first, then scoop in softened ice cream.  I felt it was easier to do it this way, just don’t let the ice cream get TOO soft and runny.  I used two different ice creams and I alternated between being out and filling the shells and being in the freezer to stay cold.  Rotating about every 2-3 tacos.

– Freezing – if you find the ice cream is getting too soft, either in the bowl or in the tacos just toss in the freezer.  Don’t let them start to melt (vs being soft) as it creates problems down the road in terms of shape (you don’t want the ice cream running out of the taco shells on one side). Plus refrozen soft ice cream is totally okay, refrozen MELTED ice cream is nasty. 

– The taco shell recipe – you can use this chocolate waffle cone recipe or a more traditional waffle cone recipe if you prefer.  I like this traditional recipe for some flavors. Like when I used my strawberry ice cream recipe! Either way you need a good waffle cone maker!

– The Chocolate – I like to use Chocolate wafers or bars – they are made for melting and they  coat beautifully.  I like to mix different brands so the chocolate doesn’t taste like just one thing.  The brands I like are Merkens, Trader Joes, Peters Chocolates, Ghiradelli, Guittard or Callebaut!

– The nuts – you can use any nut you like, the classic choco tacos have chopped peanuts, but you can use anything really, I like candied pecans chopped up, or even toffee bits, or candied bacon chopped up… It all depends on the flavor you are going for! 

– Keeping the shell crunchy.  After a while the shells will become soft from the ice cream.  If you want to try to avoid this you can paint the inside of the shells with a thin layer of chocolate.  It adds another step and isn’t traditional, but it will keep the ice cream from soaking into the shell.  But be careful not to get it too thick or it get really hard to bite through!



To make these ice cream tacos you’ll need

Homemade Choco Taco

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a video tutorial for how to make your own homemade choco tacos. slices of ice cream, wrapped in homemade chocolate waffle cones then dipped in chocolate and chopped peanuts

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To watch me make these choco tacos play the video in the recipe card for my YT cooking show recipe video. You can find all my cooking show style recipe videos on YouTube, or my short recipe videos on Facebook Watch, or my Facebook Page, or right here on our website with their corresponding recipes.

homemade choco taco

Homemade Choco Taco Tutorial

it’s easy to make these homemade choco tacos – homemade chocolate waffle cone with creamy ice cream dipped in chocolate and peanuts for a sweet fun summer treat

Course: Dessert

Cuisine: American

Keyword: choco taco, homemade choco taco

Servings: 14 tacos

Calories: 901 kcal

Author: Ashlee Marie


Chocolate Waffle Cone

  • 1 C granulated sugar
  • 4 lrg egg whites
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 4 Tbsp butter melted
  • 6 Tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 11 Tbsp all-purpose flour

Choco Taco

  • 1 gallons Ice cream – any flavor softened
  • 16 oz Chocolate wafers
  • 1 1/2 C Chopped peanuts


  1. Mix all the chocolate waffle ingredients together, until smooth

  2. In a waffle cone maker pipe a log of batter into the machine (about 2-3 Tbsp)

  3. Cook for about 40-45 seconds on medium

  4. Hang on rack so it will cool in taco shell form.

  5. soften the ice cream – stir to make sure it’s consistent (not half runny and half hard)

  6. Take shell and scoop the ice cream ice cream into it, place back in the freezer

  7. work with 2-3 tacos at a time, you don’t want the ice cream to melt; it will make the waffles too soggy.

  8. Melt the chocolate wafers and let cool slightly, then dip the open ice cream side of the taco into the chocolate, covering all the exposed ice cream.

  9. Then immediately dip into the chopped peanuts

  10. Keep frozen until you are ready to serve

Recipe Video

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Salted Caramel Cheesecake Recipe | Ashlee Marie

this salted caramel cheesecake with a shortbread macadamia nut crust is beautiful and delicious. A huge favorite at our house


This Salted Caramel Cheesecake mixes two of the best desserts ever. A smooth creamy perfect cheesecake with a rich decadent homemade caramel mixed in. All over a delicious shortbread crust.

How I created this Salted Caramel Cheesecake recipe

There isn’t much I love better than caramel. It’s good in pretty much every dessert, cakes, ice creams, marshmallows, brownies, cookies, etc…. So when National Caramel day came up for our “Celebrating Food” this month I had a hard time narrowing it down! There are SO many caramel recipes I haven’t shared yet.  I settled on Salted Caramel Cheesecake, and I’m SO glad I did.

Deciding on the caramel cheesecake turned out to be the easy part… did I want to add pecans, toffee, chocolate or salt? You can go in SO many directions with this.  I decided to stick with the salty side.  THEN for the crust??? Rather than a traditional cookie crust I made a shortbread that I added chopped macadamia nuts to, but you can go in any direction with this.  You could always use crushed shortbread cookies in a traditional crust for a similar flavor.

Don’t forget I have a ton of cheesecake tips and tricks (that work with all cheesecakes) on this dense and creamy cheesecake recipe, along with this cheesecake video sharing those tips and tricks while making a cheesecake.

Just take me to the Caramel Cheesecake Recipe already!

If you’d rather skip my tips and tricks for creating your own cheesecake flavor, tips for the prefect cheesecake, links to my cheesecake making tools and links to other cheesecake recipes and get straight to this delicious cheesecake recipe – simply scroll to the bottom of the page where you can find the printable recipe card.

a caramel flavored cheesecake with a shortbread macadamia nut crust topped with caramel sauce and fleur de sel

Tips and tricks for creating your own Cheesecake flavor

  • Change the crust – you can turn any cookie into a crumb crust – graham crackers, nilla wafers, oreos, etc…
  • Change the crust – you can use a different dessert as the base – cake, brownie, cookie, macaroon, etc…
  • Change up the filling – Add some kind of flavoring – maple extract, lemon zest and juice, peanut butter, caramel sauce, melted chocolate, etc…
  • Add mix ins – Bacon, chocolate chips, peanut butter cups, oreo cookies, lemon curd, marshmallows, nuts, etc…
  • Add toppings – caramel bacon pecan topping, lemon curd, meringue, hot fudge, sour cream topping, mousse, whipped cream, caramel sauce, etc…

Tips and Tricks for baking the Perfect Cheesecake with no cracking

  • Room temperate ingredients are key for a smooth texture.
  • Beat the cream cheese and sugar as much as you want, make it smooth, but once you add the eggs, do NOT overbeat, just mix on low until they are barely incorporated, beating after you add the eggs is what often leads to cracking.
  • Make sure your oven is the correct temperature (I love my oven thermometer)
  • TRY not to open the oven door, like ever, if you can help it.
  • I used to hate water baths – the foil always leaks and I don’t like mushy crusts – but waterbaths keep cheesecakes more evenly baked and nice and flat – so now I recommend a silicone waterbath pan!!!
  • If you run out of water in the water bath pan make sure to boil any water you add so it doesn’t stop the baking process.
  • Cook your cheesecake until it’s puffy and set on the outer edge but it’s still a bit jiggly in the center, like a loose jello jiggler, but not liquid, in the center 4-5 inches.  It will keep cooking afterwards a bit, and IMO better to be slightly under cooked than overcooked.
  • Turn off the oven and crack open the oven door to let it cool slowly, this will help it finish cooking but not cool TOO fast and crack
  • Do NOT eat it right away, cheesecake sets and gets BETTER with time in the fridge, at LEAST 8 hours

everyone loves salted caramel, and this cheesecake is no exception, it's delicious and a huge hit

What equipment I use to make the perfect cheesecake recipe:

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salted caramel cheesecake tastes amazing and everyone loves it

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To watch a video of me making my classic cheesecake check the video under the recipe card.

this salted caramel cheesecake is divine, creamy, smooth and tastes amazing with a macadamia nut crust

Salted Caramel Cheesecake Recipe

This Salted Caramel Cheesecake mixes two of the best desserts ever. A smooth creamy perfect cheesecake with a rich decadent homemade caramel mixed in. All over a delicious shortbread crust.

Course: Dessert

Cuisine: American

Keyword: caramel recipe, cheesecake recipe, salted caramel cheesecake

Servings: 24 servings

Calories: 335 kcal

Author: Ashlee Marie



  • 1/2 C butter
  • 1/3 C packed light brown sugar
  • 1 1/4 C all-purpose flour
  • 3/4 C finely chopped macadamia nuts


  • 2 lbs full fat cream cheese softened
  • 1/2 C granulated sugar
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 1 C caramel sauce
  • 2 lrg eggs room temp
  • 1 lrg egg yolk room temp



  1. preheat the oven to 350F,

  2. In your mixer beat the butter until fluffy

  3. Add brown sugar and mix well,

  4. Add flour and mix until a dough forms

  5. Mix in the nuts

  6. Spread into 10 inch cheesecake pan, poke holes

  7. Bake 18 mins

  8. Let cool.

  9. Reduce oven to 300 and place baking dish full of hot water on the bottom rack to create moisture (leave this in while baking).


  1. Beat cream cheese, sugar and vanilla with electric mixer on med until light and fluffy, about 30-60 sec.

  2. While beating on low add the caramel sauce

  3. Scrape the bowl, beat 45 sec more – make sure it’s smooth with no chunks.

  4. Lightly whisk the eggs and yolks together and add to cream cheese mixture

  5. Mix on low speed until they are incorporated and the batter is velvety, about 30 sec, scrape the bowl and mix 10 sec more – do NOT overbeat.

  6. Pour the filling over crust, bake on the center rack about 1 hour +.

  7. how to tell cheesecake is done – When you open the rack and shift the pan the center 3-4 inches will jiggle – not like soup, like a loose jello jigglers.

  8. Turn the oven off and crack open the door and let the cake cool then refrigerate overnight.

  9. The next day pour the rest of the caramel over the top of the cake

  10. Sprinkle the fleur de sel over the top of the cheesecake, as much or as little (I’m all for MORE is better)

Recipe Notes

Cook the sauce while the crust is baking, then let it cool.
When it’s slightly cool press some plastic wrap down across the top so the sauce doesn’t get a “skin”. It will be slightly warm when you add it to the filling.
You’ll probably need to warm it up just a bit before adding it the top of the cheesecake so keep it in a microwave safe container.

More Cheesecake Recipes

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