Ice Caves And Pod Hotels: Unique Places To Sleep

Ice Caves And Pod Hotels: Unique Places To Sleep


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Have you heard the news? Plush hotel beds in cookie cutter hotels are out and in their place come newer, bigger, better … dare we say stranger places to rest your head at night while on your vacation. It’s not enough to get away, you need to have an experience.

All over the world, there are entrepreneurs hoping to entice travelers to stop over in their city or venture out into brand new landscapes. And they’re doing it by changing the way we think about where we sleep.

The following are just a few of the choices you have when booking your next stay abroad.

Downsize your accommodations in a pod hotel

There are the eponymous Pod Hotels in New York, of course, but tiny pod-size or capsule rooms are cropping up worldwide to give the savvy traveler a way to save more money on their room so they can spend more time exploring their destination. Micro-hotels are where it’s at, especially in places where real estate prices are literally sky high. The entrepreneurs behind these endeavors believe that great things come in small packages and these rooms make great use of their space, maximizing efficiency so that you want for nothing when you come home from a long night on the town.

Rooms range from 100 square feet to a space not much larger than a bookshelf that contains your bed, a light, and some basic necessities.

Snooze Among Great Works of Literature

In the age of smartphones, 24/7 internet, and entertainment, sometimes you just like to curl up with a good book and drift off to sleep … in a 3 by 7-foot cubby. Wait, what?

This is the experience on offer from the Book and Bed, which offers six locations around Tokyo. Hotel rooms can cost hundreds of dollars and truly break the bank in some of the city’s posher neighborhoods. If you’re willing to cozy up in the bunks on offer among the books, you will probably end up spending around $50, giving you plenty of money left over to experience all this fantastic cosmopolitan city has to offer. You might even learn something from the books on a nearby shelf.

Sleep with the fishes!

Hotels in such far-flung locations as Dubai and Zanzibar are building their rooms under the sea to give guests a view of the passing ocean while they sleep. No worries, though. You won’t have to don a wetsuit to go to bed at night.

Hotel rooms built with this unique view offer every single amenity you could possibly imagine, but all of your high-life enjoyment will occur within view of thousands of sea creatures passing by. At the ultra-pricey Lovers Deep in St. Lucia, your accommodations are all built upon a submarine, and each customer can decide where they want to drop anchor for the night. These places really take “ocean view” to a whole new level.


Rock Yourself to Sleep While Vertical Camping

It used to be there was only one kind of camping: horizontal! Then that turned into glamping, where no expense is spared in setting up your tent away from home. Vertical camping kicks things up even further for an experience that is not intended for the faint of heart. [CC BY 2.0 (]

Rock climbers all over the world are stopping for a snooze mid-climb. And while the views certainly can’t be beat, it truly takes a special dedication to set up your sleeping bag while rigged to the side of a cliff. Not any tent will do, of course. Special tents called portaledges are engineered to suspend mid-air for a truly one-of-kind accommodation.

Chill out in an ice cave

Ice caves form when spring water from melted ice in the spring and summer form rivers that seep through cracks in glaciers, melting away portions of ice and forming openings that harden in the fall in winter. Those who never let a little ice stand in the way of a good night’s sleep are hiking into these locations to stay the night to enjoy one nature’s most beautiful phenomena.

There are locations throughout Scandinavia, Iceland, and North America if you want to give an overnight glacier camping trip a try. Most tourist organizations will recommend that you do not try this unaccompanied and instead secure the assistance of a trained guide who understands the capricious nature of ice and these miraculous structures.


So what are you waiting for? Grab your best travel pillow and book those tickets. Life is too short for ordinary, when you can sleep extraordinary.


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What You Need To Know Before Going To Miami For Vacation

What You Need To Know Before Going To Miami For Vacation


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Still trying to figure out where to go for your summer holiday? Why not travel to Miami, Florida. Miami is known for its pristine beaches, Cubans, South Beach, lit nightlife, cruises, art, good weather and it is slowly becoming a foodie destination.

I know temperatures in summer range between high 80s and lower 90s, which can be uncomfortable but this is the city’s tourism low season period. That means you can get cheaper flights and hotels rates, the best beach spots and you don’t have to fight to get seats at top restaurants like it happens during high season.

If you’re thinking about a holiday in Miami, I’ll answer in this article some of the questions you might be asking as you prepare to take your trip.

OK, let’s get into it!

What are the visa requirements for traveling to Miami?

If you’re traveling to Miami from outside the United States you’ll have to apply for a tourist visa for USA. The application for the US visa can be done online and the process takes about 15 minutes. If all you’re details checkout you should have your visa sent to your email in not more than 72 hours. The visa costs about $14 and is valid for two consecutive years.

How can I move around in Miami, Florida?

Most tourists fly into the city through the Miami International Airport. Once in Miami, you have several options to travel in.

  • You could hire a car, bike, scooter or segway to use when going to the beach and other attractions in the city. If you hire a car plan your trips well so that you’re not on the highways during rush hour. This is usually between 4pm and 7pm during the Miami work week. Traffic is a nightmare during that time.
  • The city has a good public transportation system which includes trains, buses, trolley and taxis which run regularly for early morning to late at night. The bus and metro rail will cost you about $2.25 per trip.
  • Ride-sharing apps like Uber and Lyft are also available in Miami.
  • You could also walk if the attractions you plan to visit are close to where you are staying. Walking is a good way to get to see Miami and also meet its locals.

Where can I stay while in Miami?

Miami has many hotels you can stay at, the downside is hotel rooms can be damn expensive. But remember I mentioned earlier that during summer hotel prices are considerably lower because the number of people visiting is low.

If you don’t want to stay at a hotel you can get a vacation rental which will cost you about one-third of what you would pay for a hotel room. Also try Airbnb, on the platform a room will cost you from $25 per night while an entire home will be about $50 a night.

What is there for me to enjoy in Miami?

Miami has a lot you can do. Here is my list of must-do fun activities in Miami, otherwise your trip will be incomplete

Go to South Beach
Miami is known for its sunny weather and perfect beaches so a trip to the city would not be complete without a stop at the beach. So head off to South Beach and soak up some sun, play some games in the sand and just chill. Miami beaches have rules some of them are:

  • Beaches are open form 5a.m. to midnight.
  • Lifeguards work from 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.
  • Firearm, alcohol, fireworks, vehicles, glass containers are not allowed on the beach

Visit Everglades National Park
If you love nature then you must visit this park which is Florida’s largest swamp and the third largest national park in the US. It has many plants and animal species you can’t find anywhere else on the earth. Some activities you can do here include bird watching, the park is home to hundreds of different species of bird, kayak through the hundreds of miles of water trails or do some world class fishing.

If you have never seen an alligator in your life then you’ll be happy to know there are plenty of American alligators in the park so you will get to see one during your visit. You might also see a Burmese Python and maybe the elusive Florida panther. Entry to the park is $25 per private vehicle and $8 per pedestrian/cyclist.

Take a trip to Ernest Hemingway’s Museum
If you loved reading Hemingway’s novels such as, For Whom the Bell Tolls, and The Old Man and the Sea, visit the Ernest Hemingway’s Museum to get to see where this Nobel Prize winner lived and did his writing for 10 years. The museum is in Florida Key West, a few hours drive from Miami and is open daily from 9-5.

Tour Wynwood Walls
These are six buildings which are adorned with amazing graffiti art. The graffiti is one of the coolest you will ever see. The local and foreign artists who do the art have tours from 2pm every day. When you visit the area you can grab some food and drink at the Wynwood Kitchen & Bar. Once you are done admiring the art you can bar hop along 2nd Ave.

If you would love to see more art when in Miami also visit the Art Deco District. This is an area with hundreds of builds within a square mile painted with art. This attraction also has a walking tour. Another place you can visit to see some art is the Pérez Art Museum Miami. This is attraction was formerly called the Miami Art Museum. It has art collections from some world-renowned artist like Ana Mendieta, Frank Stella, and Robert Rauschenberg. If you’re in town on the second Saturday of the month entry to this museum is free.

Enjoy some tasty local cuisine
Miami is home to a lot of people from different parts of the world. All these people are eager to share with you some of their home cuisines. So when you go to Miami carry your appetite because there is a diverse range of foods you can try.

History of Cuban Sandwich - What’s in a Cuban Sandwich?

I recommend you visit Little Havana to try some Cuban dishes. Little Havana is where many Cubans fleeing the Castro regime settled and they brought along with them their culinary skills. When there try out the Cuban sandwich, frita or croqueta these foods will blow your taste buds away.

If you visit Miami in August plan to attend the Miami Spice Event for a chance to sample food from the best restaurants in town at reduced prices.

Party the night away
Miami’s party scene is wild. Whatever type of music you like there is a club you can go to. But please note if you go to any of the major clubs most start kicking after midnight. If you go earlier than that you might find it’s only you and the bartender there.

There is a lot more you can do in Miami. Here is a quick list of other things to do:

  • Go racing at Homestead- Miami Speedway. You have to be 18 and have a valid driving license to do this activity.
  • Hang out at Haulover Park. This is Miami’s only nude beach.
  • Do some ice skating or disco bowling at Miami Beach Hotel.
  • Drive to Biscayne Bay or take a yacht tour to see celebrity million dollar mansions.
  • Go for a baseball game at the Marlins Park. This state of the art-stadium built for the Miami Marlins cost Miami residents $500 million to construct.

Have you been to Miami? Share your tips on how first time visitors to the city can have the most amazing time.


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